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Moonsoft is your reliable, purely domestic partner in all matters related to software. We have years of experience in the sale and use of software products and software-related services. We help you find the right software for your needs, whether it's image processing, information security, application development, office programs or more specialized software.

Knowledge of the license terms and our competitive pricing guarantee that you will not pay extra for the software. With the help of our installation, training and licensing services, you can use the software quickly and get the best possible benefit out of your investment.

Searching for software is easiest through our web pages. There is a search field at the middle of the frontpage, where you can enter the name of the software or manufacturer you want, and search for software through this.

Another option is to browse our software sorted alphabetically or by manufacturer on our Products page

Please remember that although you can find more than 10,000 different software titles on our website, we can also deliver software that you cannot find on our website. In that case, contact our sales team.

Software manufacturers offer trial versions of many of their products, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the software before making a purchase decision. Typically, the trial version is identical to the commercial version but is time-limited. If a trial version of the software is available directly from the manufacturer's website, you will find a link to the trial version on our product pages. Sometimes, the trial version may be paid (e.g., 20 €), and in this case, you can order the trial version from our website just like you would order the official version of the software.


You can order our products in the way that suits you best: directly through our webshop, by calling or by email. You can find our contact information here. Before ordering, it's a good idea to make sure the software works on your hardware, for example from the manufacturer's website or by installing a trial version of the software.

The processing of your order will be faster if you can give us all the necessary information already at the ordering stage. These include complete delivery and invoicing information, company or entity ID number, contact persons and their contact information (at least phone number and email address) as well as a possible reference number, Cost place or other mark. More information about privacy protection.

We try to use courier services for deliveries to companies. Their use requires the declaration of a street address, as courier deliveries are not made to PO box addresses. If you wish, we can use the Posti 16 service, in which case the products will also be delivered to PO box addresses.

As a rule, we deliver products to companies and communities by invoice. We can invoice traditionally with a paper invoice or electronically using banks' online invoices (e-invoice). We check the credit information of new customers. In some cases, we may ask for an upfront payment. Also ask about the possibility of leasing financing!

As a rule, we deliver software to private customers by cash on delivery. An exception is software delivered in electronic form (ESD marking, Electronic Software Delivery) where we ask for advance payment.

We do not have retail sales, so all ordered products are delivered either by mail or electronically, depending on the product. However, by separate arrangement, products can be picked up from our office.

If you placed your order through our online store, via email, and also provided your email address, we will send you an order confirmation. Please carefully review the details in the order confirmation. You will also find information about the estimated delivery time of the software in the order confirmation.

If there is an error in the order confirmation, please contact our sales as soon as possible to correct the issue.


We always try to use the fastest and cheapest possible delivery channels for our purchases, but sometimes it happens that the software is temporarily out of stock from the importer or even the manufacturer. You can find our estimate of the delivery time in the order confirmation.

Delivery delays can also be affected by the fact that the software you ordered is the latest version, and the software deliveries have not yet started at all. Sometimes there can be a difference of months between the announcement date of the software announced by the manufacturers and the actual delivery date.

The delivery date in the order confirmation is our best estimate of the delivery date. See also previous question.

The estimated delivery time provided by us indicates the delivery time for the software that can be delivered first. Depending on the software, the average delivery time is from a few days to a couple of weeks. Please also refer to the two previous questions.

Yes, we do. We adhere to various software manufacturers' export restrictions, and therefore, software deliveries to certain countries may not be possible. This restriction especially applies to security-related software.

Our delivery and handling fees are 7.00 - 14.00 € excluding VAT (8.61 € - 17.22 € including 24% VAT) depending on the chosen delivery method. Our delivery costs also include cash on delivery fee if you choose cash on delivery as your delivery method. For shipments abroad, delivery costs must be agreed separately, as the speed of delivery significantly affects the costs.

Yes, because our delivery costs also include the costs incurred for processing the order.

Electronic delivery, known as Electronic Software Delivery (ESD), means that the product's serial number, installation file, or similar is delivered solely electronically. There may not be any physical delivery involved. Therefore, closely monitor your email (including your spam folder) because sometimes the message headers used by software manufacturers can be quite inconspicuous and therefore may accidentally go unnoticed.

Software sales terms and abbreviations

We have collected common terms and abbreviations related to software in an abbreviation list.

Returns and cancellations

Please review our terms of delivery, which you accepted during the ordering process. Returns must always be agreed upon separately. We cannot accept returns (EU Article 16) that have not been agreed upon with the seller, nor returns of personalized, activated software, software with broken seals, or software that is not resalable or returnable to the manufacturer. Another obstacle to returns may be if the software has already been registered with the manufacturer. Always contact the seller directly before sending a return. Individuals must always provide Moonsoft with the cancellation form before the 14-day deadline, which begins upon receipt of the order.

Contact our sales team. Individuals must cancel their order before the 14-day deadline. We require the cancellation Form provided by Moonsoft to be completed and submitted.

When your return has been accepted and the product has been found to be in the same condition as originally, we will send you a credit invoice or refund the price of the software to the account you provided. Otherwise, we may deduct, according to EU directive, the depreciation of the product from the return. The return must be made within 14 days of canceling the order.

Installation and technical support

Most software manufacturers offer free installation support for their products. We have compiled information about the support services offered by each software manufacturer on our Manufacturers pages.

We collaborate with several Finnish training companies and are happy to assist with matters related to software usage training. Sometimes software manufacturers also offer free support for their products, and often manufacturers' websites contain a wealth of material on the use of common features.

Other questions

A license refers to the right to use software legally. Different software manufacturers have very different licensing methods, but licenses are commonly either user-based or machine-based. Simply purchasing an installation CD often does not include a license and therefore does not entitle the user to use the software.

A font is also a software product, the use of which always requires a valid license. The required license is determined based on the intended use. The basic license (EULA) includes workstation/user-specific usage rights. Separate licenses are also required for web, server, and mobile use.

Product packages, also known as retail packages, include both the installation CD and the usage rights. These packages are commonly labeled as 'Full'.

Upgrade rights vary by manufacturer, but a general rule of thumb is that you can upgrade from the earlier version of the product to the latest version. Upgrades are commonly marked as 'Upgrade' or 'Upg'.

Sometimes, the upgrade can also be made from software produced by a competing manufacturer, and in this case, it's called a product exchange or 'Competitive Upgrade' ('CUpg'). For more information, please contact our sales team.

Many software manufacturers offer their customers the possibility of so-called product exchanges ('Competitive Upgrade' or 'CUpg'). The rules for product exchanges are usually more complex than for simple upgrades. We are happy to assist with any questions related to product exchanges and upgrades.


The final customer price consists of the following components:

  • font purpose (Such as Desktop, Web, Mobile, App, Server, Barcode such as Code 39, code 128)
  • number of fonts (from individual font cuts Bold, Italic, Black to extensive collections)
  • number of workstations using the font (basic license 1-5 workstations. in TrueType, OpenType or Postscript format)
  • scope of language version (character set can be Western Europe, Central Europe, Baltic, Russian, Arabic, other languages)
  • The usage license fee for desktop fonts is one-time. The usage license fee for web, app, mobile, and server fonts is usually temporary and tied to the number of pageviews or CPUs. Once we receive your request for a quote, we will confirm the final price.

Most fonts are also available as web fonts, which allow you to extend your company's visual identity (typography) to websites and mobile devices. When selecting a web font, there are a few things to consider and investigate. The first is readability across different devices, browsers, and operating systems. Then, consider how you use the font on your pages, such as size and color usage in both the font and backgrounds. For this purpose, there are e-text fonts where electronic readability has been improved. It's also important to consider how font readability is maintained in small sizes and on devices. For this, it's worth asking us about suitable fonts.

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