Moonsoft's consulting services

Moonsoft offers its customers versatile consulting services related to IT systems, application development, and system integration. We provide our expertise and contacts to assist our clients, for example, in problem-solving and subcontracting related to virtualization, cybersecurity, and application development.

IT systems consulting services

Moonsoft provides its customers with comprehensive IT system consulting. If needed, we can deliver turnkey installation and deployment for software acquired through us.

Our special areas of expertise include:

  • Requirements definitions and implementations of information security and backups
  • Planning and implementation of virtualization
  • Mapping and accounting of software assets and legality checks.

We have also consulted on numerous application development projects for our clients, ranging from companies in the capital city to large corporations. Also, explore our diverse training services.

We are happy to tell you more about our consulting services. Here you can contact our sales

Moonsoft offers versatile services related to the acquisition and implementation, installation and licensing of software. Below you will find more detailed information about our services.

Software procurement

Acquiring software is not always straightforward. Companies, educational institutions, government agencies, and private consumers all have their own needs. Additionally, competing products from different manufacturers differ in terms of product features, update rights, hardware requirements, and procurement costs. Manufacturers also offer various licensing programs, which can make it more economical, especially for multi-user software, to purchase a license rather than an individual package product.

Moonsoft assists you in software acquisitions to ensure you get the products that best suit your needs using the most sensible procurement method. Our product range is extensive, covering all basic software as well as several specialized software options. We also handle maintenance renewals and updates.

The new licensing models and cloud services for software enable a new way to acquire usage rights through our licensing service. We have developed our licensing service for several years into a broader SLSP (Software Licensing Service Provider) model, through which our customers can acquire services such as cloud storage, Office 365, Azure services, or Skype management, etc. One advantage of our service is that companies do not need to use their own credit cards for orders; instead, orders are handled through normal purchasing/invoicing processes, making account management functions easier.

To simplify software procurement, we offer our customers:

  • A comprehensive and unique software selection
  • Competitive prices
  • Fast deliveries and versatile payment and financing options
  • Quality customer service
  • Support and help in selecting and implementing software
  • License advice and help with license management
  • Software training and consulting
  • Software catalog and electronic newsletter

As an additional service for retailers, educational institutions and public administration:

  • Extranet service
  • Reporting of purchases
  • Product/price integrations

Software sales and software-related services are our core competencies - we want to make choosing and purchasing software as easy as possible for you!

We help you to get the software products purchased through us installed for your use and to find help and support from the manufacturer's support services.

We are an experienced, multi-manufacturer certified official supplier. Good relations with manufacturers guarantee that direct help from manufacturers is available to both our staff and our customers.

You can find information about the manufacturer's support services with contact information on our Manufacturers page.

You can find more information about the products on our Product selection page.

Introducing new software is demanding work, not least because technology is constantly developing and the programs are full of new features. That is why it is important to keep equipment in good condition and know-how up to date.

Moonsoft will help you and give you a concise syllabus for the new features of the new software. Even if you haven't purchased the latest version of the software yet, you can still participate in our trainings and see what's new in the program and how you can benefit from the new features.

Moonsoft's own trainings

The courses are held at Moonsoft's own premises at Vaisalantie 2-8 C, 02130 Espoo. It is recommended that participants bring their own laptop, but this is not necessary.

Course inquiries with desired dates can be sent to Also ask for customized courses just for your company's needs!

Functional IT is more than a computer. A computer requires the right kind of software to function, as well as a process of how the computer can be used to improve the company's routines and operations.

The right kind of solution first requires the selection of suitable software and appropriate licensing. After that, implementation, training and other functions decide how well the benefit from the software and business efficiency can be realized in the company's business up to the balance sheet.

Our SLSP (Software License Service Provider) services also help you manage cloud services and bring the opportunity to outsource cloud service license problems away from your own organization. Implemented with different cloud licenses and service models, you can also get cost efficiency for cloud model licensing.

New cloud services bring more complexity to this whole. The license clinic helps!

The purpose of the license clinic

The purpose of the license clinic is to find out for you what different software, licenses or information technology things mean together. We help you get through the difficult issues of IT technology and make these complex issues more approachable and turn them into useful activities. We want to help you make decisions and implement IT solutions that suit you. Be it our own server solutions, cloud services or combinations of these.

Moonsoft's know-how at Your disposal

Moonsoft Oy is a Finnish company specializing in consulting sales of computer software and software-related services, such as license management and information systems integration.

We sell computer software for the needs of businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies from all major manufacturers. As a result, we know and understand various solutions, both in terms of software and hardware. Additionally, we can act as an independent advisor, looking at things from your perspective and advocating for your interests. We are not swayed by IT jargon commonly used, nor are we intimidated by threats that may not materialize.

When you need help or advice on licenses, software, cloud technology, or IT selection, turn to the License Clinic and tell us how we can assist you. There are various levels of service available, some of which are fixed-price services, so you won't receive surprise invoices.

Our Startti service

In the Startti service, we offer e.g.:

  • mapping/documentation/needs assessment of the company's environment
  • budgeting/procurement specification
  • license acquisition consultation/license comparison (same for iron) – also bidding consultation
  • application development fitness test
  • management of cloud services for you

The idea of the Startti service is to give your company unbiased information and insight into the current state or the suitability of the offered solution to your company's needs.

The Startti package can be purchased for a fixed price of €390 (VAT 0%), which includes four hours of advice, consultation or clarification. You decide the content and we help you.

Also ask about broader entities, which help you get a better and reliable snapshot of your company's situation. In addition, you can get advice and help from several certified experts when you need them.

Moonsoft has expertise in several different areas and contacts directly with manufacturers. You will have access to expertise equivalent to an IT manager, which will help you find answers and solutions.

Startti is an expert service that helps the company find out possible bottlenecks and risks related to information technology and information systems, and gives instructions for making business more efficient with the help of information technology.

Implementation and management services of cloud services

Many companies benefit from cloud services, but not everyone needs to know how to manage or use cloud services. For this, you should discuss Moonsoft's services, which allow you to focus on your own business, and we will help you utilize new types of cloud services to make your own operations more efficient.

Development of the company's operations and IT solutions

Good targets for development are, for example:

  • company verifications and their automation
  • information security
  • electronic calendar
  • renewing/updating hardware and software
  • remote connections (home office–workplace)
  • better utilization of office programs
  • electronic customer register
  • spam filtering
  • wireless solutions for offices and various intranet/extranet/portal solutions
  • a new approach to cloud technology and the opportunities it brings

Implementation of the consultation

Consulting can be carried out in this way, for example:

  • Let's agree on a meeting time and go over the structure of the service. The main goal of the contact is to discuss the company's development targets and problems at a general level, which will be explored in more detail in the actual meeting.
  • In the meeting, the company's representative/representatives will be interviewed. The discussion goes over, for example, the hardware and software base in use in the company and how information technology currently serves the business. It is also possible to focus on a specific problem or development target identified in the company. The goal is to find out the company's possible IT risks and bottlenecks. However, we proceed according to the wishes and needs of the company.
  • An investigation report is written for the company based on the interview and findings. The report consists of e.g. from the following sections: background information, actual development proposals and solutions to problems.
  • The report is delivered to the company and it is reviewed with the company's representatives. This phase also helps the company to understand the situation and what is the need for change and the benefit for the company. In addition, it motivates to correct the observed problems and suggestions for improvement.

Through Moonsoft's domestic font service, you can find a wide selection of fonts from different font manufacturers. Fonts are copyrighted products and their use always requires a license. Whether you need a font for printed products or a web page, through the service you can quickly and easily get a font suitable for your company or partner and the necessary license. We also help with questions related to font selection.

You can read more about fonts here.