Through Moonsoft's domestic font service, you will find a wide range of fonts from various font manufacturers. Fonts are copyrighted products, and their use always requires a license. Whether you need a font for printed materials or a website, through the service, you can quickly and easily find a suitable font for your company or partner, along with the necessary license. We also assist with questions related to font selection.

How many font faces does your company have?

Often, the visual appearance of communication on websites and printed materials differs because different fonts are used. This isn't necessary. With web fonts, your brand or corporate identity will look the same across different media. There are already thousands of high-quality web fonts available, ranging from classics to the latest fonts. We will find the most suitable web fonts for your use.

Fonts can be found as soon as they are needed

Fonts are needed for various media, for use by various parties, at different times of the day, and in different locations. If the right and legal fonts are not readily available, the risk of using incorrect and illegal fonts increases. And valuable time is wasted - often in a hurry. FontExplorer X is a professional font management solution designed for professionals, providing tools for font management on the user's own workstation. FontExplorer also offers a server-based solution.

Is there a legal risk associated with fonts for your company?

Fonts are copyrighted software products. Therefore, usage rights for fonts are required for all workstations using them. However, sometimes company computers may end up with fonts for which there are no legal licenses. Possessing illegal fonts on company computers can lead to unpleasant legal and financial consequences.

Are you sure that all computers in your company have legal fonts? Our service ensures that your staff and partners have access to fonts with legal rights.

Don't recognize the font you want?

We can find the font you need for you. Send us an email and a description of the font you're looking for (e.g. font name, font manufacturer or designer). If you also have text or an image of the font you are looking for, add it and send it by email to the email address


The final customer price consists of the following components:

  • font purpose (Such as Desktop, Web, Mobile, App, Server, Barcode such as Code 39, code 128)
  • number of fonts (from individual font cuts Bold, Italic, Black to extensive collections)
  • number of workstations using the font (basic license 1-5 workstations. in TrueType, OpenType or Postscript format)
  • scope of language version (character set can be Western Europe, Central Europe, Baltic, Russian, Arabic, other languages)
  • The usage license fee for desktop fonts is one-time. The usage license fee for web, app, mobile, and server fonts is usually temporary and tied to the number of pageviews or CPUs. Once we receive your request for a quote, we will confirm the final price.

Currently, there are 5 main groups of Opentype fonts in Linotype's font selection. Read more about how to choose the right font and its associated character set and typeface: OpenType Std, OpenType Pro, OpenType Com, OpenType W1G (WGL4) and OpenType W2G. For creative design work, larger font libraries are also available, such as Adobe's Font Folio - you can easily get started by checking out, for example, Adobe's to the OpenType User Guide.

Selecting web-font:

Most fonts are also available as web fonts, which allow you to extend your company's visual identity (typography) to websites and mobile devices. When selecting a web font, there are a few things to consider and investigate. The first is readability across different devices, browsers, and operating systems. Then, consider how you use the font on your pages, such as size and color usage in both the font and backgrounds. For this purpose, there are e-text fonts where electronic readability has been improved. It's also important to consider how font readability is maintained in small sizes and on devices. For this, it's worth asking us about suitable fonts.Read more

Additionally, in the FontExplorer X software, it is possible to use the web preview function to directly view web pages with various fonts and styles.

Font management:

With various font management solutions, you can easily manage large numbers of fonts without slowing down your computer's performance. The interactive preview of fonts makes font selection easier, and potential issues with font usage can be avoided. Additionally, managing the fonts used in different projects becomes easier. Various tools can be used for font management, such as: FontExplorer X and Extensis Suitcase Fusion.

Font legibility:

In Germany, the DIN 1450 standard, known as the definition of font usage in the public sector, has been introduced. This is important when creating websites, documents, or other materials, to ensure they accommodate users of all ages, especially those with impaired vision or other limitations.

All in one place:

From Moonsoft, you can also get many graphic design software, such as the popular Adobe Creative Cloud, as well as Suitcase Fusion for efficient font management - see more about our software offerings and services at