Privacy policy

Moonsoft Oy is committed to respecting the protection of your privacy

We want to offer everyone a safe and pleasant browsing experience. In our operations, we comply with Finnish laws, good data processing practices and rules of the game generally accepted by the business world.

Internet pages and other electronic services offered by Moonsoft Oy to its customers (including the addresses and may collect your personal and contact information. We use this information for delivering orders, invoicing, improving customer service and providing services, as well as product information and marketing. We will not hand over the information you provide to outside parties other than as required by order processing. If you pay for your purchase by credit card, we do not store the card information after your order has been processed.

Browsing our Internet pages does not require providing personal information, but you can browse them anonymously. Technically, our website may occasionally use so-called cookies, i.e. cookies. These cookies contain a randomly generated identifier, which is used e.g. to maintain shopping cart functionality. Cookies do not directly transmit your personal data. If you wish, you can also browse our pages using an encrypted connection. The shopping cart functionality uses certificate-based SSL encryption. You can verify the operation of the encryption from your own web browser.

The user visiting our website has the option to block the use of cookies at any time by changing the settings of his browser. Most browser programs allow you to disable the cookie function and delete already saved cookies. Blocking the use of cookies may affect the site's functionality.

Our website also collects technical log data from visitors. We use this information for technical quality control and to develop our service. However, we do not combine this information with the personal information you provide, unless the authorities require this from Moonsoft Oy for a separate, compelling reason.

Privacy statement

Explanation of Moonsoft Oy's marketing register.

The controller is Moonsoft Oy. The contact person is the company's CEO Juha Piispa (contact information). The company's own personnel is responsible for the technical implementation.

Collected personal data is used for distribution of marketing material, information and maintenance of customer relations, as well as enabling contacts required by the service. Based on purchase history, contact information used for marketing purposes is extracted from the customer register. For mailings, we may use external mailing companies with a separate assignment.

Contact information for mailings is stored in the register. If it is a distribution via e-mail, we will also ask for an e-mail address. The information assigned to regular (physical) mailings is combined with our sales system. The information on the electronic mailing list is completely editable with regard to the user's own information, so the user can change, correct and check their own information at any time and its information is not maintained separately, except for requests to leave the list. Also, the failure of the e-mail address (the e-mail is not delivered) leads to the deletion of the data from the mailing system.

Customer relationship information is stored throughout the duration of the customer relationship. We keep registers from elsewhere for the period agreed with the provider of the register, but no more than four (4) years. Such registers are, for example, registers provided by software manufacturers, where the person has given his consent to the software manufacturer for the use of names for marketing, including third parties (here: Moonsoft Oy).

The information provided is stored in a separate server network. The information of surveys, registrations and feedback forms on our website is protected with an encrypted SSL connection. It is possible to fill in some forms anonymously without contact information.

Individuals have the right to access information about themselves, the right to request correction of incorrect information, the right to refuse the use of their provided information for direct marketing or similar purposes, and otherwise to rely on the rights secured by the Personal Data Act. Requests regarding this matter should be addressed to Moonsoft Oy's CEO, Juha Piispa. (contact information).