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Changes to TechSmith Software Licensing

TechSmith is transitioning to an annual subscription-only model, beginning with Snagit 2025 and Camtasia 2025 this fall. Active maintenance agreements currently provide access to new major releases, and this will remain true during this transition.

Customers who have active maintenance agreements for Snagit or Camtasia will receive a Business License key for subscription access to the product when the 2025 versions are released this fall. This subscription access will remain valid as long as their maintenance agreements are active. Maintenance provides an annual savings of over 60% compared to the cost of a new subscription. This is our way of thanking existing customers for the investments they have already made through past perpetual purchases.

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Tenable Agrees to Acquire Eureka

Tenable has agreed to acquire Eureka, a top-tier provider of Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) for cloud environments. This strategic acquisition is poised to bolster our cloud security platform, offering unparalleled protection across infrastructure, workloads, identities, and data.

The Eureka DSPM capabilities will be natively integrated into Tenable Cloud Security and the Tenable One Platform later this year and made available to existing customers. This integration underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge security solutions that protect your customers' most critical assets.

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Why Join The InterBase VAR Program in 2024

InterBase is Embarcadero’s signature award-winning database, designed to integrate seamlessly through multiple editions with RAD Studio for multi-platform, multi-device applications. InterBase comes in multiple editions: The Developer Edition is free to download, as is IBLite as a single-user embeddable database. IBToGo is the AES encrypted version with a maximum.

InterBase is particularly valuable as a deploy-and-forget database because of the following reasons: 1) Exceptionally high reliability and disaster recovery makes it especially suited for harsh environments, from underwater engineering works to oil rigs to aviation and deep space exploration. 2) It’s extremely cost-efficient to deploy and use. InterBase reduces admin requirements to near-zero, and has a very low total cost of ownership compared to competing solutions.

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Joe Levy Appointed Sophos CEO

We’re thrilled to announce the confirmation of Joe Levy as our new CEO of Sophos. As a nearly 30-year veteran of innovating and leading cybersecurity product development, services, and companies, Joe is set to propel Sophos and our channel business to new heights.

During his impressive nine-year tenure at Sophos, Joe has led our transformation from a product-only vendor into the global cybersecurity leader it is today, including building out our incident response (IR) and managed detection and response (MDR) services that now defend more customers than any other MDR vendor in the industry: 21,000 organizations worldwide and climbing.

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Important updates to Space

When we set out to create Space, we envisioned a system that would provide an all-in-one solution for IT companies. It was intended to be a tool that would not only provide everything your company needs for software development, including projects, Git hosting, code reviews, and issue tracking, but also enable communication and information sharing inside organizations.

The reality, though, is that many organizations have their own specific needs, processes, and existing systems when it comes to knowledge bases, communications, and even issue trackers and CI/CD servers. We are well aware of this, since we had a substantial number of users asking us to integrate Space with third-party tools such as Slack, as well as with our own tools like YouTrack and TeamCity.

However, these realities didn’t align with our vision for the product, and as a consequence, the adoption of Space has not been what we had hoped for. This is why we have decided to discontinue Space as it stands now and pivot it to a new product that will focus primarily on Git hosting and code reviews, some of the features that have been most used and appreciated by our customers. We’ll also be providing integrations with a variety of other solutions, including YouTrack and TeamCity. This new product, which is currently in private preview, is called SpaceCode, and it’s where we’ll be investing our efforts moving forward.

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Introducing ER/Studio Team Server 20.2 with Microsoft Purview Integration

Experience the latest advancement in data management with ER/Studio Team Server 20.2, now featuring seamless integration with Microsoft Purview. This groundbreaking partnership revolutionizes enterprise data management, enhancing data governance and metadata management.

ER/Studio's integration with Purview unlocks unparalleled benefits, streamlining data management processes and maximizing the value of your data assets. With no other enterprise data modeling tool offering such comprehensive integration, ER/Studio stands as the top choice for organizations seeking advanced data management solutions.

Ready to learn more? Visit our Purview integration page for a detailed overview of the integration’s features and benefits.

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Celebrating 30 Years of UltraEdit!

2024 marks the 30th birthday for UltraEdit. With the average lifespan for software products estimated at 6 - 8 years, this is no small feat. Thus, it’s with gratefulness and humility that we recognize and celebrate this milestone in an often volatile and always competitive industry.

Almost exactly 30 years ago, UltraEdit’s original author Ian Mead introduced his new Windows text editor at that time, a side project named MEDIT to an online CompuServe software library with little more than faith and hope for its future.

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Strengthening the Nessus Software Supply Chain with SLSA

You know Tenable as a cybersecurity industry leader whose world-class exposure management products are trusted by our approximately 43,000 customers, including about 60% of the Fortune 500. But sometimes we like to give you a peek behind the curtain to share how we protect our own house against cyberattacks and that’s what this blog is about. Today we’re sharing our experience adopting the supply-chain security framework SLSA, with the hopes that the lessons we learned will be helpful to you.

As has become crystal clear in recent years thanks to events like Log4j’s Log4Shell vulnerability and the SolarWinds breach, software supply chain security is critical. At Tenable, protecting our software supply chain is a top priority. That’s why last year we took on the challenge of implementing the rigorous Supply-chain Levels for Software Artifacts (SLSA) framework for our Nessus product. Read on to find out why we feel that embarking on our SLSA journey was well worth the effort, and how our team went from SLSA newbies to experts, along the way becoming big believers in the value of this secure development framework.

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Modernize your cybersecurity and backup with integrated cyber protection

The modern world is a digital world. Practically every aspect of the modern world is driven by data and our reliance on digital assets will only increase in the future. At the same time threats being tracked are constantly evolving, and all can have disastrous effects on your data. To ensure survival, companies need solutions that protect their all digital assets.

Acronis All-in Cyber Protection - Backup you data with proven solution!

Modernize your cybersecurity and backup with integrated cyber protection. Acronis' proven, integrated approach delivers easy, efficient, reliable and secure cyber protection for all data, apps and systems.

Ask more from Moonsoft!

Ask more from Moonsoft!

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Moonsoft customer magazine - Download and read!

Moonsoft's latest customer magazine has been published. It again contains lot of information about the software solutions and vendors in our portfolio.

Download and read more information via the link.

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2024 - Creativity meets productivity

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite will get you to your goal quickly, and that's what millions of users rely on around the world. "Creativity meets productivity" is the promise of this software. Vector Graphics Illustration, layouts, photo editing, typographic design and collaboration - the software has it all a designer needs for great projects. In CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, they are implemented efficiently, fast and breathtaking on Windows, Mac, web and iPad. The current version has integrated much of what users have requested. 100 pixel-based fully realistic paint brushes offers a whole range of new possibilities. These brushes blend seamlessly into everything to vector objects, creating unique illustrations.

This comes with award-winning and well-known technology from Corel Painter. Just like hand painted, but much better. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite annual subscription (Subscription) also includes additional brushes with well-known painting styles. Thanks to the optimized effects workflow, things progress creatively and efficiently, and web fonts make experimenting with fonts much more convenient. In addition, the most popular tools have made a lot of detailed optimizations, also based on feedback, to make using CorelDRAW even better. In CorelDRAW 2024, graphic design and productive graphics are limitless and more powerful than ever, offering many benefits for your daily work with an affordable annual subscription

New CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2024 is available. Ask more from Moonsoft!

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ManageEngine CyberSecurity Conference in Helsinki on Tuesday, 16th April

"Global cybercrime costs are projected to reach $10.5 trillion annually by 2025."*

It is essential to stay ahead in today's constantly changing cyberthreat landscape. Join us at ManageEngine Cybersecurity Conference 2024 for a range of sessions where our experts will share the latest trends and insights on safeguarding your digital enterprise against cyberthreats.

Take advantage of this opportunity to gain valuable insights, engage with industry peers, consult with our experts on your IT security needs, explore our solutions, and strengthen your digital enterprise against cyberthreats.

Register your spot at ManageEngine Cybersecurity Conference 2024 now to stay ahead in cybersecurity.

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Sonatype launches industry-first integrated SBOM Manager

Sonatype launches industry-first integrated SBOM Manager, a new solution empowering seamless integration with vendors, optimizing the entire distribution, collection, and continuous monitoring of Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs). We’ve been working with the world’s largest enterprises and global policymakers to help you address the complexities of optimizing your software supply chain with SBOMs.

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Microsoft and Veeam announce strategic partnership to empower the modern enterprise

Microsoft and Veeam recently announced an extended, strategic partnership with the goal of delivering AI powered data protection for the industry’s best recovery of the Microsoft Cloud. Together, Microsoft and Veeam will drive co-innovation and develop new solutions to better protect your data at scale, and ensure cyber resiliency.

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Veeam is offering an exciting NEW promotion

Customers with perpetual Socket contracts will receive a FREE Platform upgrade when you migrate to Veeam Universal License (VUL) today! In addition to ALL the benefits of VUL, your customers will receive huge capability upgrades included in Veeam’s Advanced or Premium tiers.

Migrating to VUL capabilities is the lowest price ever and has never been easier! No reconfiguration needed.

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