ManageEngine OPManager Plus

Enhance IT operations: Observe, analyze and troubleshoot

Packed with out-of-the-box capabilities for monitoring networks, servers, IP addresses, and switch ports, managing bandwidth and network configurations, analyzing firewall rules, logs & policies, tracking application usage & monitoring storage devices; OpManager Plus is an integrated solution that streamlines the process of IT operations management thereby eliminating the need for multiple monitoring tools. This holistic tool provides greater visibility across your IT infrastructure.

Remove operational bottlenecks, optimize performance and gain the maximum output from your IT infrastructure, by deploying this powerful, integrated solution with a unified approach to IT operations management(ITOM).

Gain visibility into your IT operations, layer by layer

With advanced IT operations monitoring & management capabilities, OpManager Plus, as a comprehensive IT operations management platform, offers 4 layers of visibility into an organization's IT operations - IT infrastructure security, IT infrastructure application performance, server and storage IT operations, network performance. This multi-level visibility into IT operations helps IT admins identify and troubleshoot faults at various levels easily, thereby ensuring greater SLA compliance, proactive IT fault management, greater customer service and consistent IT infrastructure performance.

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ManageEngine OpManager Plus 1Y Subscription 50 Devices Pack with 2 Users and 1 Firewall