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Codee is a software platform that provides automated code inspection specifically designed to improve the performance of software. We envision every developer being capable of writing fast software for modern low-power hardware.

Software is critical across all modern industries, and there are industries with time-critical C/C++/Fortran applications where performance is key for competitive advantage.

Time-critical applications require specialized development tools in order to achieve peak performance. Compilers help automate the optimization of C/C++/Fortran code but achieving peak performance requires manual intervention by the developer.

Take advantage of a systematic predictable approach to optimize the performance of C/C++/Fortran source code. Codee scans the source code without executing it and produces a report for the developer in order to make the code faster.

Codee Static Code Analyzer provides a systematic predictable approach to enforce C/C++/Fortran performance optimization best practices for the target environment: hardware, compiler and operating system. It provides innovative Coding Assistant capabilities to enable semi-automatic source code rewriting through the software development lifecycle. Codee provides integrations with IDEs and CI/CD frameworks to make it possible to Shift Left Performance.

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