Qmantic is a comprehensive business intelligence (BI) solution designed specifically for subscription businesses. It serves as an external BI team, taking care of everything from data extraction to visualization.

The platform is user-friendly, supporting an unlimited number of users within an organization. One of its key features is the delivery of updated reports every morning, accessible online or directly in your inbox, with the ability to export all charts and tables as CSV files or images.

Qmantic stands out with its ability to source data and provide ready-made dashboards covering all essential KPIs. It integrates data from various tools used for invoicing, customer interaction, and website visitor monitoring, creating meaningful connections that help businesses understand and manage their operations more effectively.

A unique aspect of Qmantic is its customization options. It can generate CRM sales opportunities based on product analytics triggers and predict CRM retention opportunities using churn prediction data.

Additionally, Qmantic offers in-depth analysis and insights, allowing users to delve into details, identify trends, and analyze cohorts. It also provides free onboarding for entire teams and regular updates on added features. With its no-code integrations, Qmantic is designed for ease of use, making it a powerful tool for any subscription business.

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