Alteryx Designer: allows analysts and data scientists alike to prep, blend, create statistical, predictive, and forecasting models. They can enrich their data and easily analyze their data and build analytics apps, dashboards and models to share with others.
Alteryx Server: is a secure and scalable server-based product for scheduling, sharing and running apps, dashboards and models created in Alteryx Designer for others in the organization to leverage.
Alteryx Intelligence Suite for AutoML and Text Analytics: Alteryx Intelligence Suite provides augmented text mining capabilities in order to extract and produce meaningful analysis from documents through optical character recognition (OCR) and delivers augmented machine learning to help analysts and citizen data scientists build powerful predictive models through a step-by-step, code-free guided process within Alteryx Designer.
Alteryx Machine Learning: Alteryx provides approachable and explainable AutoML capabilities that enables enterprises to quickly build, validate, iterate, and explore ML models with an automated and fully-guided user experience.
Alteryx Location Insights: are syndicated geospatial datasets bundled with analytical capabilities for enrichment and insight, such as address standardization, trade area calculation and drivetime analysis within Alteryx Designer.
Alteryx Business Insights: provides demographic, behavioral and firmographic data from Experian and Dun & Bradstreet with code-free building blocks that support integrated profiling and analysis within Alteryx Designer.
Alteryx Connect: solves the first mile challenge in analytics by enabling organizations to discover data and assets, view the lineage and create a common analytic vocabulary.
Alteryx Promote: allows data scientists to deploy their valuable models in real-time for others in the organization to leverage and track the health and performance of that model.

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