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Powering the most progressive enterprise Java applications and deployments with the certainty of performance, security, value and success. There’s a reason Azul has a 100% customer satisfaction rating: our relentless focus on helping customers unleash the true power of Java.

Azul Platform Core is designed for the enterprise, with the certified builds, tight security, and cost efficiencies you need to run todays business critical, Java-based services.70% less expensive than Oracle.

As your Oracle Java renewal approaches, get armed and equipped with your support, cost and transition options, and at the very least aid your negotiation with Oracle sales representatives.

Built by Java leaders, Azul Platform Core provides 100% open source, fully tested and certified, Java SE standards-compliant, well-curated builds of OpenJDK.

Azul Platform Core delivers stabilized builds backed by an industry-leading support SLA, providing quarterly security-only updates for assured rapid deployment into production.

Azul Platform Core is a one-to-one replacement for Oracle Java SE at dramatically lower costs delivering the most architectures, package types, and configuration options available.

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Azul Platform Core TIER 125 - Annual - Licenses by vCore
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