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UiPath Studio Create automation workflows visually with readymade drag-and-drop automation components Select ready-made components from a comprehensive library to kickstart your automation project. Alternatively, develop workflows quick and easy with recorders. Share reusable components with team members and fellow RPA practitioners to promote best development practices.

Automation excellence requires a tool that can model all organizationís required business processes, with the varying degree of complexity and scale. UiPath Studio, our powerful and user-friendly automation canvas, is an essential component in the UiPath platform. UiPath Studio features a rich collection of pre-built activities, integrates with several programming languages, and promotes ease-of-use, scalability, and efficiency.

UiPath Robots execute perfectly Automate business processes across all applications, interfaces, and environments with powerful Robots capable of adjusting to moving objects on the screen. We invested over a decade in making UiPath Robots the fastest, most reliable performers in the most challenging situations

Attended and Unattended, as many as you want, precisely when you want them. UiPath Robots are trained to constantly balance priorities, requirements and ongoing demand with availability. Your service levels are always met and full utilization of resources is the norm.

Attended Robots collaborate with employees in business activities where human intervention is required. These Robots speed up front-office redundant tasks. They reside on the employee's workstation, triggered by either the userís direct command or when the userís input is required. Perfect collaborators in service desk, helpdesk and call center activities, they work discreetly in the background while you continue with uninterrupted work, ensuring high productivity, and low handling times.

Unattended Robots operate without human touch, maximizing cost and performance benefits for any variety of back-office activities. These Robots can be provisioned from Orchestrator to run either in physical or in virtual environments. Schedule them to self-start, stop and run only on your organizationís official working days. Access Robots remotely from Orchestrator and license, schedule, manage, monitor and audit their activity in one place. They will work tirelessly and efficiently at any scale

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