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Nexus Firewall

Nexus Firewall is a perimeter quality control for software development. Similar to a network firewall, it leverages rules you define that automatically shield you from unacceptable software components entering and another set for stopping them from exiting your application development.

State of the Software Supply Chain

Open source consumers fail to avoid 1.2 billion vulnerable downloads each month - and this figure is only growing. See the data that challenges the perception of how the world creates software. Read more!

GitHub struggles

"GitHub, the researchers say, presents an effective way to compromise the software supply chain due to its support for the automatic generation of accounts and repos, its friendly APIs and soft rate limits, and its size. The Biden administration had pushed for stronger software supply chain security through the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Cybersecurity Framework 2.0 and efforts to get organizations to publish their software bill of materials . But clearly there's work left to do. "

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