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Creating slides in Microsoft PowerPoint is painstaking. Frequently used chart types and graphical elements are missing and there is nearly no automatic placement. Usually, you end up manually updating numbers and pushing around shapes.

think-cell is different. It is a powerful charting and layout software that automates your PowerPoint work and such improves slide creation efficiency and quality. Within minutes you get well-laid-out and great-looking slides.

One of the leading consulting firms quantified think-cell's impact on chart production. One of their highly experienced graphics experts created and updated 48 typical slides using PowerPoint. The complete process took him over 10 hours.

The same graphics expert then received a short introduction to think-cell and started to create and update the slides using think-cell. He needed only 3 hours - saving 70% of net working time.

The latest version of think-cell includes more of what customers already love about the software. The addition of profile charts bolsters its ever-expanding portfolio of charts and graphs, and users can expect to see even more from the company that was built to make PowerPoint better and PowerPoint users more productive.

think-cell enables users to create rotated line charts (profile charts) and rotated combo charts. These charts enable people to tell more compelling stories using data to show the relationships between different types of data and illustrate trends over time. Like all think-cell charts, these more sophisticated visualizations of data help people make better decisions based on the information presented.

Students and teaching staff at eligible institutions can sign up for a free license with a valid university e-mail address. think-cell is the #1 PowerPoint add-in to enable you to tell better stories with data.

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