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Efficient, long-term email management is key to a company’s success. Only those who are able to use emails efficiently over many years as a communication tool, as well as one of the most valuable information resources of our time, can truly consider themselves ready for the future. With MailStore Server, businesses enjoy the many legal, technical, and financial advantages of modern, secure email archiving. MailStore Server combines powerful technology with low costs and intuitive operation. Over 15,000 companies of all sizes across all sectors currently rely on MailStore Server for email archiving.

MailStore Server helps companies meet a growing number of regulations on email compliance, eDiscovery, and other legislation. MailStore Server is also an important tool that helps these companies protect themselves against general legal risk or customer complaints

Businesses can benefit from the legal, technical, and financial advantages of modern and secure email archiving with MailStore Server. MailStore Server com¬bines powerful technology with low cost, minimal system requirements, and user friendliness

For most companies, email is not only the most important way of communicating, it is also the most valuable information resource. Information sent by email is generally not stored anywhere else, but simply remains in the mailboxes. Over the years, a company can build up a repository of information that is unique both in scope and quality

MailStore Server enables SMEs, large companies, public institutions, and educational institutions to easily meet this challenge.

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