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X-Win32 with LIVE Sessions X-Win32 is a robust and feature-rich PC X server for providing Windows PCs with seamless remote access to Linux and UNIX servers. For 20 years, X-Win32 has remained the easiest to use and the most innovative PC X server on the market. Not only does X-Win32 increase end-user productivity through key features such as a unique compression tool, Integrated SSH, Suspend & Resume and Session Sharing, but it is also available at a very convenient price. Here are a list of features that are included (and are not costly add-ons as with other PC X servers). X-Win32 LIVE Sessions Features: DISASTER RECOVERY SUSPEND & RESUME SHARING SESSIONS Additional Key Features: OPENGL support with hardware acceleration. SSH: StarNetSSH offers high-speed SSH connections to hosts behind a firewall. MULTIPLE XDMCP Sessions SMART COPY & PASTE support: for copying text and graphics between X and Windows applications. 29 LANGUAGES SUPPORTED IPSMART: makes it easy to connect to a remote host from behind a DSL or Cable modem. UNIVERSAL KEYBOARD Selection: automatically configures X-Win32 to the right keyboard for any language. LICENSING OPTIONS: Single (per seat) or Concurrent License Pool available IPv6 compatible for all session types X11 EXTENSIONS: Supports Render, X-Input, X-Keyboard and 16 other X11 extensions. Section 508 Compliant Windows OS & License Specifications X-Win32, version 8.0 and later, is designed to work with Windows XP and Vista. X-Win32 is optimized for use on 64-bit Windows systems. X-Win32 can be installed on Windows and Citrix terminal servers. X-Win32 can be used on VMware to connect to other virtual Linux/Unix machines.

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