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Lansweeper NV is a Belgian based company developing the similarly named IT network inventory software Lansweeper. Lansweeper scans, discovers and inventories all available Windows, Linux and Mac-operated workstations and IP-addressable network devices for over 20000 customers. Lansweeper's deepscan engine utilizes a wide variety of network protocols to discover, identify and retrieve data from any network capable device.

All the retrieved data is stored in either a SQL Compact or SQL Server database. Due to its open database design reporting can be done using standard SQL Server database queries which can be visually created using the built-in report builder. The open database design allows for easy customization and integration with other systems and provides a unlimited customization for reporting on data retrieved from your IT environment.

Apart from hardware, software and user tracking, the software also has other features such as a deployment module for deploying software, updates or scripts on Windows computers and a help-desk ticketing system.

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