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Enfocus solutions give designers, printers and publishers the tools to create and exchange PDFs with total confidence Enfocus Software is internationally recognized as a pioneer in PDF technology. Its ten-year focus on PDF solutions for graphic arts has resulted in universally acclaimed product innovations. Enfocus products have become the PDF tools of choice used by graphic designers and print production professionals throughout the world. Certified PDF® is a core Enfocus technology that facilitates the rapid and accurate exchange of files within any PDF workflow. Enfocus products have Certified PDF technology built in, and deliver the features and capabilities that PDF professionals demand. Starting with Instant PDF, users create flawless PDF documents with standard-based PDF Profiles and initiate a Certified PDF workflow. PitStop Professional is the industry standard for PDF preflight, auto-correction and editing. PitStop Server is the stand-alone high volume solution that streamlines and automates multi-document production environments. StatusCheck allows everyone in the production chain to verify the attributes of a Certified PDF file. Enfocus innovation reaches beyond its products and technology. is an Enfocus initiative that takes inter-company communication and PDF quality management to a whole new level. It's a powerful online resource where up-to-date PDF specifications are accessible by everyone in a PDF workflow community. Leading printers, publishers and industry organizations publish their process specific PDF specifications to Graphic designers and other document creators get instant access to these up-to-date specifications and receive automatic change notifications via e-mail or directly from within their Enfocus products. Enfocus is dedicated to empowering graphic arts professionals with increasingly practical, smart and reliable ways to be productive and confident through every stage of their PDF workflow.

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