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(multiple) ABBYY FineReader 15 Software
(multiple) ADA 3D OOD Mesh2Surface Software
(multiple) ASG Software Solutions ASG-Remote Desktop Software
(multiple) ATLAS.ti ATLAS.ti 22 Software
(multiple) Acronis DeviceLock 8.x Software
(multiple) Acronis Snap Deploy 6 Software
(multiple) Actian Zen (PSQL) Database 15 Software
(multiple) Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 13 Software
(multiple) Adobe Creative Cloud for teams Software
(multiple) Adobe Photoshop Elements 2023 Software
(multiple) Altova UModel 2023 Software
(multiple) Altova XMLSpy 2023 Software
(multiple) Arcserve ARCserve Backup 19 Software
(multiple) Arcserve Unified Data Protection 8.1 Software
(multiple) ArkSystems ARK LT 2023 Software
(multiple) ArkSystems LVI-ARK LT 2023 Software
(multiple) ArkSystems RAK LT 2023 Software
(multiple) ArkSystems SÄHKÖ-ARK LT 2023 Software
(multiple) Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2023 Software
(multiple) BenVista PhotoZoom Pro 8 Software
(multiple) Bradly Associates GINO 9.5 Software
(multiple) Broadcom Endpoint Protection Software
(multiple) BrowserStack Live Software
(multiple) Circle Systems Stat/Transfer 15 Software
(multiple) Citrix Hypervisor Software
(multiple) Citrix Virtual Apps 7 Software
(multiple) Citrix Virtual Desktops 7 Software
(multiple) Citrix Workspace Suite Software
(multiple) Codership Galera Cluster Software
(multiple) Codima Enterprise Network Inventory Toolbox Software
(multiple) ComponentOne ComponentOne Software
(multiple) Condusiv Technologies DymaxIO 18 Software
(multiple) Copernic Copernic Desktop Search Software
(multiple) Corel CorelDRAW 2022 Software
(multiple) Corel WinZip 26 Software
(multiple) Corel WordPerfect Office 2021 Software
(multiple) Crashtest Security Crashtest Security Software
(multiple) DameWare DameWare 12.x Software
(multiple) Dashlane Dashlane Business Software
(multiple) Delinea Secret server Software
(multiple) DocsCorp pdfDocs Software
(multiple) EMS Database Management SQL Manager Software
(multiple) Econometric Software NLOGIT 6 Software
(multiple) Edraw Software Edraw 9.4 Software
(multiple) Embarcadero C++Builder 11.2 Software
(multiple) Embarcadero Delphi 11.2 Software
(multiple) Embarcadero Delphi Master Developer Software
(multiple) Embarcadero InterBase 2020 Software
(multiple) Embarcadero RAD Studio 11.2 Software
(multiple) Enfocus PitStop Pro ja Server 2021 Software
(multiple) Enterprise Distributed Technol CompleteFTP 2023 Software
(multiple) Experlogix LLC Smart Flows Software
(multiple) Extensis Suitcase Fusion Software
(multiple) Exterro FTK Forensic Toolkit Software
(multiple) Flexera AdminStudio 2022 Software
(multiple) Flexera InstallShield 2022 Software
(multiple) Froala Froala Editor Basic Software
(multiple) GetData Mount Image Pro Software
(multiple) Gitlab Gitlab Software
(multiple) Golden Software Grapher 19 Software
(multiple) Golden Software Surfer Software
(multiple) Goto Rescue Software
(multiple) HoxHunt HoxHunt Software
(multiple) IBSurgeon IBFirstAID 7.5 Software
(multiple) IHS EViews EViews 12 Software
(multiple) Ibas Kroll Ontrack Ontrack EasyRecovery Software
(multiple) Ibas Kroll Ontrack Ontrack PowerControls Software
(multiple) Idera DB PowerStudio Software
(multiple) Idera DBArtisan Software
(multiple) Idera ER/Studio 19.3 Software
(multiple) Idera Rapid SQL Software
(multiple) Idera SQL Compliance Manager Software
(multiple) Idera SQL Diagnostic Manager Software
(multiple) Idera UltraEdit Software
(multiple) Idera WhereScape Software
(multiple) Impero Connect 12 Software
(multiple) InfoSoft Global FusionCharts Suite XT Software
(multiple) Intel OneAPI Software
(multiple) JetBrains RubyMine 2022.1 Software
(multiple) JetBrains YouTrack Software
(multiple) Kingston Kingston Secure USB Software
(multiple) Kioware Kioware Software
(multiple) Kofax Power PDF 5 Software
(multiple) Kofax VirtualReScan 5 Software
(multiple) LanSchool Technologies LanSchool Software
(multiple) Lansweeper Lansweeper Software
(multiple) MD5 VFC 6 Software
(multiple) MadCap Doc-To-Help 6 Software
(multiple) MailStore MailStore Software
(multiple) Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Software
(multiple) Microsoft Microsoft 365 Business Software
(multiple) Microsoft Office 2021 Software
(multiple) Microsoft Project 2021 Software
(multiple) Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Software
(multiple) Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Software
(multiple) Microsoft Windows 11 Software
(multiple) Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services CAL 2022 Software
(multiple) Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Software
(multiple) Mimecast DMarc Analyzer Software
(multiple) Minitab Minitab 21 Software
(multiple) Movavi Video Converter 2022 Software
(multiple) Movavi Video Suite 2022 Software
(multiple) NEUXPower NXPowerLite 9 Software
(multiple) NEUXPower NXPowerLite File Server edition 9 Software
(multiple) Nakivo Backup & Replication Software
(multiple) Nero Nero 2022 Software
(multiple) NetSarang Xmanager 7 Software
(multiple) Nintex Nintex Workflow Software
(multiple) O & O Software O&O Defrag 25 Software
(multiple) Objective Systems Inc. ASN1C Software
(multiple) Open Text EnCase 20.x Software
(multiple) Oracle Oracle Database Software
(multiple) OriginLab Corporation Origin 2023 Software
(multiple) Oxygen Forensics Oxygen Forensic Detective 15 Software
(multiple) PACE PACE Suite Software
(multiple) Palisade @RISK Software
(multiple) Parallels Parallels Desktop for Mac 18 Software
(multiple) Parallels Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition Software
(multiple) Parallels Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM 9 Software
(multiple) Parallels Remote Application Server Software
(multiple) PerkinElmer ChemOffice 22 Software
(multiple) Precisely MapInfo Pro 2021 Software
(multiple) Progress WS_FTP Professional Software
(multiple) Progress WhatsUp Gold 2022.1 Software
(multiple) Provalis ProSuite Software
(multiple) Provalis QDA Miner Software
(multiple) Provalis Simstat Software
(multiple) Provalis WordStat 9 Software
(multiple) QSR International Pty Ltd NVivo Software
(multiple) Quark QuarkXPress Software
(multiple) RealVNC Ltd VNC Connect Software
(multiple) Red Hat Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Software
(multiple) Red Hat Red Hat JBoss Middleware Software
(multiple) Red Hat Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Software
(multiple) Runecast Runecast Analyzer 3.0 Software
(multiple) SSH Client/Server 6.x Software
(multiple) SSH NQX Software
(multiple) SUSE SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 Software
(multiple) SYSTAT SYSTAT 13.x Software
(multiple) SYSTAT SigmaPlot 14.5 Software
(multiple) Sencha Ext JS Software
(multiple) SmartDraw Software
(multiple) Smartbear ReadyAPI Test Software
(multiple) Smartbear TestComplete Software
(multiple) Sonatype Nexus Firewall Software
(multiple) Sophos Device Encryption Software
(multiple) Sophos Intercept X Software
(multiple) Sophos MDR Software
(multiple) Sophos Mobile Software
(multiple) Sophos Sophos Central Software
(multiple) Sophos XG Software
(multiple) Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 16.x Software
(multiple) Stata Stata 17 Software
(multiple) Steinberg Cubase 12 Software
(multiple) Synami ScheduleReader Software
(multiple) Synami Seavus Project Viewer 19 Software
(multiple) Synami iMindQ Software
(multiple) Synergy KaleidaGraph 5 Software
(multiple) SysTools SysTools Products Software
(multiple) SystemTools Hyena 14.x Software
(multiple) TeamViewer GmbH Engage Software
(multiple) TeamViewer GmbH TeamViewer IoT Software
(multiple) Techsmith Corporation Snagit 2023 Software
(multiple) Tenable Nessus Network Monitor Software
(multiple) Thales eToken Software
(multiple) TreeAge TreeAge Software
(multiple) UIPath UiPath Studio Software
(multiple) Unity Technologies ApS Unity Pro Software
(multiple) VMware VMware Fusion 12 Software
(multiple) VMware vSphere Software
(multiple) Veeam Veeam Backup & Replication 11 Software
(multiple) Veeam Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 Software
(multiple) Veeam Veeam Essentials 11 Software
(multiple) Verbi GmbH MAXQDA 2022 Software
(multiple) Veritas Backup Exec 22 Software
(multiple) Veritas Backup Exec System Recovery 21 Software
(multiple) Visual Paradigm Visual Paradigm Software
(multiple) WithSecure Business Suite Software
(multiple) WithSecure Internet Security Software
(multiple) WithSecure WithSecure Elements Software
(multiple) WithSecure WithSecure Elements Vulnerability Management Software
(multiple) X1 Discovery X1 Distributed Discovery Software
(multiple) iGrafx iGrafx FlowCharter Software
(multiple) iSpring Solutions, Inc. iSpring Suite Software
(multiple) think-cell think-cell Software
(multiple) win.rar WinRAR 6 Software



Order Item no Vendor Item name Type Price excl. tax Price incl. tax
Order 155264 65bit Software EasyCatalog Lite ODBC Data Provider for InDesign CS6 EN Win/Mac (ESD) License 197,02 € 244,30 €
Order 155265 65bit Software EasyCatalog Lite XML Data Provider for InDesign CS6 EN Win/Mac (ESD) License 527,59 € 654,21 €
Order 179443 65bit Software EasyCatalog Lite for InDesign CC 2015 EN Win/Mac (ESD) License 323,96 € 401,71 €
Order 162097 65bit Software EasyCatalog Lite for InDesign CC/CC 2014 EN Win/Mac (ESD) License 323,96 € 401,71 €
Order 155263 65bit Software EasyCatalog Lite for InDesign CS6 EN Win/Mac (ESD) License 329,25 € 408,27 €
Order 191159 A-PDF A-PDF Content Splitter Single Licence v4.x (ESD) License 108,59 € 134,65 €
Order 191160 A-PDF A-PDF Scan and Split Single Licence v2.x (ESD) License 77,46 € 96,05 €
Order 191206 Docscorp Litera Compare EN Win 1-User 1-Year Subscription Subscription 252,00 € 312,48 €
Order 191210 Docscorp Litera Metadact 1Y Subscription renewal 1 user Subscription 53,33 € 66,13 €
Order 190637 Double-Take Double-Take Availability Advanced Edition License 5 839,11 € 7 240,50 €
Order 190636 Double-Take Double-Take Availability Standard Edition License 4 243,09 € 5 261,43 €
Order 190639 Double-Take Double-Take Availability Virtual Edition for Linux (per VM) License 1 160,34 € 1 438,82 €
Order 190638 Double-Take Double-Take Availability Virtual Edition for Windows (per VM) License 1 160,34 € 1 438,82 €
Order 142767 EverMap AutoSplit Pro Plug-in EN Win Single User license (ESD) License 175,00 € 217,00 €
Order 142768 EverMap AutoSplit Pro Plug-in Small Office 5 user license License 525,00 € 651,00 €
Order 25350 Kioware KioWare for Android Lite with 1-Year Maintenance and Support (ESD) License 68,00 € 84,32 €
Order 18993 Kioware KioWare for Windows Lite with 1-Year Maintenance and Support (ESD) License 96,00 € 119,04 €
Order 12841 Kofax Kofax VRS Elite Desktop Version (ESD) License 638,00 € 791,12 €
Order 191207 Litera Litera Compare Office 365 EN Win/Mac/iPad 1-User 1-Year Subscription (Autorenewal) Subscription 395,00 € 489,80 €
Order 190610 Magix Samplitude Pro X - ESD License 309,91 € 384,29 €
Order 190611 Magix Samplitude Pro X Suite - ESD License 434,28 € 538,51 €
Order 31806 Magnet Forensics Magnet AXIOM Private Training Facilitator Subscription 3 400,00 € 4 216,00 €
Order 25750 Maxmind GeoLite2 Country Redistribution License License 353,68 € 438,56 €
Order 116849 NEUXPower NXPowerLite 1-user license License 39,00 € 48,36 €
Order 21603 NEUXPower NXPowerLite for File Servers - 3TB Licence License 194,00 € 240,56 €
Order 25179 Nlitesoft NTLite Business Perpetual License + 1Y Maintenance License 333,33 € 413,33 €
Order 23218 PremiumSoft CyberTech Navicat for SQLite Enterprise, 1-4 lic. Cross-Platform (per License) (ESD) License 321,40 € 398,54 €
Order 23455 Primefaces PrimeFaces Elite Annual Subscription Subscription 138,95 € 172,30 €
Order 149349 SysTools PDF Split & Merge Business Licence License 124,12 € 153,91 €
Order 149350 SysTools PDF Split & Merge Enterprise License License 383,92 € 476,06 €
Order 149366 SysTools Split PST Business Licence License 124,12 € 153,91 €
Order 149367 SysTools Split PST Enterprise License License 528,25 € 655,03 €
Order 193473 TeamViewer GmbH TeamViewer Engage for Digital Customer Service Lite (Finland) Subscription 298,80 € 370,51 €
Order 193472 TeamViewer GmbH TeamViewer Engage for Online Consultation Lite (Finland) Subscription 298,80 € 370,51 €
Order 168957 Tenable Passive Vulnerability Scanner Professional, On Premise, Annual Subscription (New) Subscription 2 912,62 € 3 611,65 €
Order 24867 Tenable Vulnerability Management - 700 Assets - 1 year Subscription Subscription 20 911,76 € 25 930,58 €
Order 23541 WithSecure WithSecure Elements Vulnerability Management (25-99, Price per License) 1-Year Subscription Subscription 67,20 € 83,33 €