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Paraben E3 Forensic Platform

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Integrating a new tool into an existing workflow can present its challenges. However, at Paraben Corporation, our E3 Forensic Platform simplifies the process with its intuitive design, enabling examiners of all levels to quickly grasp its functionality.

Paraben Corporation offers a range of tiered sharing options that prioritize security and convenience for data storage and sharing. With E3:VIEW, your data can be securely stored within a case and easily shared. Alternatively, you can store it in a Forensic Container, seamlessly integrating it with Windows Explorer. Our extensive range of available reports allows for effective data presentation. Designed to meet the needs of teams and clients alike, E3 ensures that shared data is protected, easily accessible, and audit-ready.

Paraben Corporation’s E3 Forensic Platform is committed to delivering comprehensive solutions for digital investigations. With a rich history of groundbreaking achievements, our platform prioritizes innovation and support for digital investigators in DFIR, OSINT, CYBER, and eDiscovery. E3’s advanced data processing engines delve into the intricate digital landscape, revealing recovered data, active data, and metadata details with precision. Trust Paraben’s E3 Forensic Platform to provide the answers you need for any type of digital investigation.

Order Item no Name Type Price excl. VAT Price incl. VAT 24%
Order193830E3 FIELD KIT Add OnHardware11 995,00 €14 873,80 €
Order193823E3 Toolbox Cable & Accessory KitHardware299,00 €370,76 €
Order193827E3:CLOUD Annual license (only option for channel) SaaS LicenseLicense2 800,00 €3 472,00 €
Order193826E3:MOBILELicense4 295,00 €5 325,80 €
Order193824E3:MOBILE SubscriptionLicense899,00 €1 114,76 €
Order193829E3:OSINT Annual license (only option for channel) SaaS LicenseLicense470,00 €582,80 €
Order193825E3:UNIVERSALLicense6 295,00 €7 805,80 €
Order193822E3:UNIVERSAL SubscriptionLicense1 199,00 €1 486,76 €
Order193828E3:VIEW Annual license (only option for channel) SaaS LicenseLicense359,00 €445,16 €

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