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Thinkst Canaries

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Order, configure and deploy your Canaries throughout your network. (These can be hardware, virtual or cloud-based birds!) Make one a Windows file server, another a router, throw in a few Linux webservers while you're at it. Each one hosts realistic services and looks and acts like its namesake.

Then you wait. Your Thinkst Canaries run in the background, waiting for intruders.

Attackers prowling a target network look for juicy content. They browse Active Directory for file servers and explore file shares looking for documents, try default passwords against network devices and web services, and scan for open services across the network.

When they encounter a Thinkst Canary, the services on offer are designed to solicit further investigation, at which point they’ve betrayed themselves, and your Canary notifies you of the incident.

Honeypots are a great idea. Everyone knows this, so why is almost nobody running them on internal networks? Simple: because with all the network problems we have, nobody needs one more machine to administer and worry about. We know the benefits that honeypots can bring but the cost and effort of deployment always drops honeypots to the bottom of the list of things to do.

Canary changes this. Canaries can be deployed in minutes (even on complex networks), giving you all of the benefits without the admin downsides.

Order Item no Name Type Price excl. VAT Price incl. VAT 24%
Order32940Thinkst Canary Console for 3, 1Y Subscription (Autorenewal)Subscription7 075,47 €8 773,58 €
Order39564Thinkst Canary 3-pack - 3 CanariesSubscription2 324,38 €2 882,23 €
Order39563Thinkst Canary Starter Pack - 2 Canaries + Hosted ConsoleSubscription4 649,38 €5 765,23 €

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