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IT-Security-Monitoring in real time

Accelerate your cyber security process without effort

Hackers scan the Internet for vulnerable systems every hour. At the same time, the number of new vulnerabilities published every day is increasing rapidly. What use are temporary pentests? The result is outdated the next minute. Automated security audits regularly check your company-wide IT landscape in real time, so you can easily keep an eye on the situation. You identify potential vulnerabilities immediately and are able to take proactive action.

In the event of security-critical changes, the notification function automatically sounds the alarm and takes you directly to the findings. This accelerates the optimization process and permanently minimizes risks

Reduce Supply Chain Risk in your Business through automated third-party monitoring

Do existing and potential business partners stand up to your IT security requirements? Attack technology is changing rapidly and with it the security situation of companies. Systematic monitoring is required to provide you with comparable results on the security situation of your business partners.

LocateRisk enables you to continuously screen, rate and monitor your partner network. Based on fully automated risk assessments, you receive an overview of the external IT security situation of the individual companies in the shortest possible time as well as concrete recommendations for the elimination of possible weak points. This significantly reduces the amount of work and resources required and ensures greater security in the supply chain.

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  • Order Item no Name Type Price excl. VAT Price incl. VAT 24%
    Order193670LocateRisk IT Risk Analysis Up to 100 Employees (Autorenewal)Subscription1 345,00 €1 667,80 €
    Order193667LocateRisk Monitoring 1 Audit per quarter Up to 100 Employees (Autorenewal)Subscription2 480,00 €3 075,20 €
    Order193669LocateRisk Monitoring 1 Audit per quarter Up to 1500 Employees (Autorenewal)Subscription7 180,00 €8 903,20 €
    Order193668LocateRisk Monitoring 1 Audit per quarter Up to 500 Employees (Autorenewal)Subscription4 400,00 €5 456,00 €
    Order193664LocateRisk Monitoring 1 Audit per Year Up to 100 Employees (Autorenewal)Subscription1 345,00 €1 667,80 €
    Order193666LocateRisk Monitoring 1 Audit per Year Up to 1500 Employees (Autorenewal)Subscription3 580,00 €4 439,20 €
    Order193665LocateRisk Monitoring 1 Audit per Year Up to 500 Employees (Autorenewal)Subscription2 245,00 €2 783,80 €

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