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UN Group: UN-43233205 - Transaction security and virus protection software

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Hoxhunt Security Awareness as a Service - conditions employees to detect and report social engineering based threats. The service sends social engineering attacks mainly via email to the users of the service. Users learn to identify and report these malicious messages. Hoxhunt installs a plugin to the customers employees email clients. The plugin is essentially a button, which the users can click to report both real and simulated malicious attacks. As an optional extension to the core service, customers have the option to enable Hoxhunt Security Awareness Training, which augments the anti-phishing training with short quizzes and learning cards to educate users and help them test their knowledge in broader security topics including password security, physical security, working remotely and more. Hoxhunt Core also contains the following incident response functionalities: The ability for end users to report real threats and access for Hoxhunt administrators to each individual reported threat in Hoxhunt Threat Feed. Additionally, customers can configure Hoxhunt to redirect reported threats to a specified email inbox (including email inboxes of 3rd party applications such as ticketing systems) or to Microsoft Defender (formerly known as Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)).

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