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Space is an all-in-one team collaboration platform that tightly integrates communication, process management, and software development tools in a single web or desktop interface. It lets you host repositories, analyze and review code, stay informed, and interact with your fellow colleagues from a single place.

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Available as:

  • Commercial license
  • 1 year license
  • Multi-user license

  • OS support:

  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • Media available:

  • ESD

  • Order Item no Name Type Price excl. VAT Price incl. VAT 24%
    Order24181Space Team Annual SubscriptionSubscription96,00 €119,04 €
    Order24183Space Organization Annual Subscription (minimum 5 subscriptions)Subscription240,00 €297,60 €
    Order39174Space Cloud Organization annual subscriptionSubscription5 435,50 €6 740,02 €
    Order24184Space Enterprise Annual Subscription (minimum 10 subscriptions)Subscription1 188,00 €1 473,12 €
    Order39841Space On-Premises Organization Annual Subscription (minimum 5 subscriptions)Subscription255,00 €316,20 €

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