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Permanent erasure of data

Jetico Data Wiping products help to wipe files or entire disks so that data is no longer accessible, data cannot be recovered or undeleted.

Why do you need data wiping?

When you work with personal, confidential, or classified information, sensitive information is stored on your hard drives. Normal file deletion only removes file references when the content remains intact on the hard drive in different locations. The confidential files you intended to delete can easily be restored using widely available recovery tools. The same applies to devices at the end of their service life and their discs. Deleting data or reformatting discs does not guarantee that the data cannot be recovered.

Jetico BCWipe helps to permanently erase files so they can never be restored, and Jetico BCWipe Total WipeOut is the most powerful and reliable tool for destroying the contents of available hard disks.

Jetico Data Wiping - Key benefits are:
- Securely erase files beyond forensic recovery
- Wipe data on active computers (Data Spills) & for end of life (Decommission)
- 10+ years trusted by U.S. DoD & DoE
- Data erasure compliance (GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS)
- Available for Windows, Mac & UNIX
- Support for SSD & SSHD
- Centralized wiping & reporting for enterprises

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Order Item no Name Type Price excl. VAT Price incl. VAT 24%
Order191284Jetico BCWipe Home Edition (1-wipe)License79,95 €99,14 €
Order191287Jetico BCWipe Home Edition (10-wipes, price per wipe)License67,00 €83,08 €
Order191290Jetico BCWipe Home Edition (100-wipes, price per wipe)License55,00 €68,20 €
Order191285Jetico BCWipe Home Edition (2-wipes, price per wipe)License75,00 €93,00 €
Order191288Jetico BCWipe Home Edition (20-wipes, price per wipe)License63,00 €78,12 €
Order191286Jetico BCWipe Home Edition (5-wipes, price per wipe)License71,00 €88,04 €
Order191289Jetico BCWipe Home Edition (50-wipes, price per wipe)License59,00 €73,16 €
Order191292Jetico BCWipeOut EE (1-1 wipe)License19,95 €24,74 €
Order191295Jetico BCWipeOut EE (10-19 wipes, price per wipe)License17,00 €21,08 €
Order191298Jetico BCWipeOut EE (100-149 wipes, price per wipe)License14,00 €17,36 €
Order191293Jetico BCWipeOut EE (2-4 wipes, price per wipe)License19,00 €23,56 €
Order191296Jetico BCWipeOut EE (20-49 wipes, price per wipe)License16,00 €19,84 €
Order191294Jetico BCWipeOut EE (5-9 wipes, price per wipe)License18,00 €22,32 €
Order191297Jetico BCWipeOut EE (50-99 wipes, price per wipe)License15,00 €18,60 €
Order191291Jetico BCWipeOut EE Annual (1-1 license)Subscription995,95 €1 234,98 €

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