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UN Group: UN-43233200 - Security and protection software

Tenable Nessus

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Passively analyzes network traffic to provide continuous visibility into managed and unmanaged assets on your networks

From IT to OT, Nessus Network Monitor (formerly Passive Vulnerability Scanner or PVS) illuminates blind spots so you can see and protect your entire environment. The product provides a safe and non-intrusive way to discover and monitor even the most sensitive systems.

Nessus Network Monitor (NNM) is included as a sensor with, Industrial Security, and Not all NNM capabilities are available with all product configurations.

Provides deep packet inspection to continuously discover and track users, applications, cloud infrastructure, trust relationships and vulnerabilities.

Automatically discovers infrastructure and vulnerabilities across more technologies than any other vendor, including operational technology devices, operating systems, network devices, hypervisors, databases, tablets, phones, web servers, and cloud applications.

Order Item no Name Type Price excl. VAT Price incl. VAT 24%
Order55694Nessus Professional, 1-Year Subscription (New)Subscription3 516,87 €4 360,92 €
Order32530Nessus Expert 1-Year SubscriptionSubscription5 249,40 €6 509,26 €
Order24260Nessus Expert 3-Year Subscription (NEW)Subscription14 390,48 €17 844,20 €
Order26250Nessus Professional, 1-Year Additional Advanced Support (Renewal)Subscription440,06 €545,67 €

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