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PerkinElmer ChemOffice 19

ChemOffice Professional is the most robust, scientifically-intelligent research productivity suite in the world. It builds on the foundations of ChemDraw Professional and adds access to a broad set of powerful scientific tools* to enable scientific research. Browse within ChemDraw across more than 10 M commercially available compounds by structure, or CAS RN with ChemACX Explorer. Document, search and share your research using Signals Notebook Individual Edition, a modern, web-based scientific collaboration platform. Load and process 1D NMR and LC/GC/MS data directly on your desktop with MNova ChemDraw Edition. Get access to, and edit, your ChemDraw files from any device with ChemDraw Cloud. Enhanced structural prediction with your favorite third party applications and Chem3D Ultra. A full suite of scientific productivity tool helping chemists and biologists alike efficiently keep track of their work, visualize and gain a deeper understanding of their results.

ChemOffice version 19.0 gives precious time back to researchers, providing them with new ways to make their research stand out in a globally competitive environment, and brings novel features to help chemists conduct research more safely.

Safety First! Taking advantage of the recent implementation of the add-in architecture in ChemDraw, ChemOffice users can now select a chemical structure or a chemical name in ChemDraw and retrieve GHS information (pictograms, H and P phrases) coming from the PubChem Laboratory Chemical Safety Sheet (LCSS). H and P phrases from multiple regulatory agency sources can be copied to the clipboard.

ChemDraw Add-ins now support integrations with applications and services that require token-based authentication.

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    Order168238ChemDraw Prime 20 Academic Site Subscription (Small)License1 843,75 €2 286,25 €
    Order168229ChemDraw Prime 20 Annual Subscription Named UserSubscription612,50 €759,50 €
    Order168237ChemDraw Prime 20 Annual Subscription Named User AcademicSubscription202,50 €251,10 €
    Order168228ChemDraw Prime 20 Perpetual Named UserLicense1 837,50 €2 278,50 €
    Order168236ChemDraw Prime 20 Perpetual Named User AcademicLicense606,25 €751,75 €
    Order168241ChemDraw Prime 20 Perpetual Named User GOVLicense1 468,75 €1 821,25 €
    Order168225ChemDraw Professional 20 Annual Subscription Named UserSubscription940,00 €1 165,60 €
    Order168234ChemDraw Professional 20 Annual Subscription Named User AcademicSubscription470,00 €582,80 €
    Order24779ChemDraw Professional 20 Perpetual Named UserLicense2 830,00 €3 509,20 €
    Order168233ChemDraw Professional 20 Perpetual Named User AcademicLicense1 768,75 €2 193,25 €
    Order24780ChemDraw Professional 20 Perpetual Named User Annual SupportMaintenance540,00 €669,60 €
    Order168240ChemDraw Professional 20 Perpetual Named User GOVLicense2 831,25 €3 510,75 €
    Order168239ChemOffice + Cloud 20 Perpetual Named User GOVLicense4 512,50 €5 595,50 €
    Order23637ChemOffice + Cloud Named User with 1 Year Support AcademicLicense2 818,75 €3 495,25 €
    Order168232ChemOffice Professional 20 Academic Site Subscription (Small)Subscription9 106,25 €11 291,75 €
    Order168231ChemOffice Professional 20 Annual Subscription Named User AcademicSubscription587,50 €728,50 €
    Order168224ChemOffice Professional 20 Perpetual Named UserLicense3 537,50 €4 386,50 €
    Order168230ChemOffice Professional 20 Perpetual Named User AcademicLicense606,25 €751,75 €

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