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UN Group: UN-43233002 - Network operation system software

Citrix Workspace Suite

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Citrix Workspace Suite is the market-leading mobile workspace solution that enables people to work from any device, anywhere. Workspace Suite is the most complete, integrated mobility solution for helping people and business become more productive with an on-demand mobile workspace. Competitors like VMware force customers to use a litany of third parties to complete the solution.

Citrix Workspace Suite provides workers with access to all of their applications, data and personalized desktops, optimized to meet the security, performance, personalization and mobility requirements of each individual. Workspace Suite delivers the best experience for any app or desktop. Using a universal client available on all tablets, smartphones, PCs, Macs or thin clients, IT can securely deliver content over low bandwidth high latency WANs, highly variable 3G/4G mobile networks or a reliable corporate LAN to ensure a native experience.

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    Order156551Citrix Workspace Standard 1 User Subcription LicenseSubscription275,23 €341,29 €

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