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UN Group: UN-43233200 - Security and protection software

Kingston Kingston Secure USB

Secure DataTraveler Drives For Enterprise

In the Enterprise sector, when employees use their own Flash drives to travel with data and take work home, your company is at risk. Unprotected data on an unsecured Flash drive can lead to devastating consequences - lost reputations, lost profits, lost jobs; in short, all the horrors you read about in the daily news. Secure data on a DataTraveler drive and rest assured it's protected.

Protect sensitive data with FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certification, 100-percent privacy and a Centralized Management System

Kingston Technology has partnered with BlockMaster to enhance the portfolio of centrally managed solutions with the data security and reliability of FIPS 140-2 validated USB Flash drives. The DataTraveler 4000-M is a true enterprise-ready managed drive, which makes it easier for organizations to protect sensitive information on the move. BlockMaster’s SafeConsole for Kingston enforces full USB management control over an organization’s DataTraveler 4000-Managed high-secure USB Flash drives.

The drive must be managed by the SafeConsole drive management system. With SafeConsole for Kingston, administrators can enable specific extended DT4000-Managed features, configure password and device policies, remotely reset passwords, activate audit for compliance and much more. The SafeConsole server software is accessed through a standard Web browser and includes an option to reflect the corporate directory or organizational unit structure. Each managed DT4000-Managed drive securely connects over the Web to the SafeConsole server for configuration updates set to its specific assigned group.

Available as:

  • Commercial license
  • User license

  • OS support:

  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • Media available:

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