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Idera DB PowerStudio

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Embarcadero DB PowerStudio is a database tool suite that empowers DBAs and data professionals with comprehensive administration, development and performance tuning capabilities across multiple platforms. The tool suite complements native management tools with additional functionality that dramatically increases productivity, boosts database performance and improves availability. Unlike native tools and other products, DB PowerStudio is proven to effectively operate across major database platforms with little overhead and robust performance, quickly diagnoses database issues previously undetected, and seamlessly streamlines vital database tasks. Tightly integrated tools provide data professionals with comprehensive insight and capabilities to deliver operational integrity and data consistency the most complex environments.

Demands for always-on, high-performing enterprise databases have never been greater. But with the need to achieve more with less, database professionals continually look for innovations to help them meet corporate expectations.

Native database tools are a great way to get started with database administration on a single database platform. However, those native tools lack the robustness and scalability of an organizational solution that directly deals with growing data volume, velocity and variety. Organizations grow and evolve, and so does the data.

DB PowerStudio's suite of database tools empowers you to align with data governance initiatives. Database administrators can ensure database performance, uptime, and availability with tools such as DBArtisan and DB Optimizer. To maintain data integrity, DB Change Manager helps organizations comply with data governance standards. Also, Rapid SQL gives you the functionality to improve data quality.

We have added support for SQL Server 2019 (tested against community technology preview 3.2), Oracle 18c and 19c, and PostgreSQL 11.2.

Available as:

  • Commercial license
  • User license
  • Academic license
  • Volume license
  • Floating license
  • Term. license
  • Multi-user license

  • OS support:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022
  • Win32
  • Win64
  • Media available:

  • ESD
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