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UN Group: UN-43232300 - Data management and query software

Verbi GmbH MAXQDA 24.x

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MAXQDA is a program designed to facilitate and support qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research projects. It allows you to import, organize, analyze, visualize and publish all forms of data that can be collected electronically, including interviews, surveys, (PDF) documents, tables (Excel / SPSS), bibliographic data, pictures, videos, web pages and even tweets. With its comprehensive range of functions, from transcription to inferential statistical analysis, MAXQDA is an - all in one - software for research and teaching purposes in numerous disciplines.

Analyze all kinds of data - from texts to images and audio/video files, websites, tweets, focus group discussions, survey responses, and much more. MAXQDA is at once powerful and easy-to-use, innovative and user-friendly, as well as the only leading QDA software that is 100% identical on Windows and Mac.

With the latest version of MAXQDA, we stay true to our three-decade commitment: To empower researchers worldwide with software that streamlines data organization and analysis. With over 35 new features and improvements, the new MAXQDA will enhance your productivity, efficiency, and overall research experience.

Available as:

  • Commercial license
  • User license
  • Academic license
  • Goverment license
  • Volume license

  • OS support:

  • Mac OS X
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • Media available:

  • ESD

  • Order Item no Name Type Price excl. VAT Price incl. VAT 24%
    Order193760MAXQDA Academia (Annual Subscription) 3-4 Users (Price per User) (ESD)Subscription177,69 €220,34 €
    Order32730MAXQDA Academia Standard 5 users network license annual subscription (ESD)Subscription789,74 €979,28 €
    Order33047MAXQDA Academia Standard Network License 1 Year Subscription (ESD)Academic220,00 €272,80 €
    Order193758MAXQDA Academia Student (2-year-license) (ESD)License71,79 €89,02 €
    Order193759MAXQDA Academia Student (2-year-license) 3-4 Users (Price per User) (ESD)License58,15 €72,11 €
    Order25632MAXQDA Analytics Pro 15-User Network License Academic Annual Subscription (Autorenewal) (ESD)Subscription2 524,04 €3 129,81 €
    Order193767MAXQDA Analytics Pro Academia (3 Year Subscription) (ESD)Subscription538,46 €667,69 €
    Order193768MAXQDA Analytics Pro Academia (3 Year Subscription) 3-4 Users (Price per User) (ESD)Subscription484,62 €600,93 €
    Order193761MAXQDA Analytics Pro Academia (Annual Subscription) (ESD)Subscription224,36 €278,21 €
    Order193762MAXQDA Analytics Pro Academia (Annual Subscription) 3-4 Users (Price per User) (ESD)Subscription201,92 €250,38 €
    Order39465MAXQDA Analytics Pro Academia (Annual Subscription) Network License (Autorenewal)Subscription179,48 €222,56 €
    Order25902MAXQDA Analytics Pro Academic (Annual Subscription) (Autorenewal) (ESD)Subscription224,36 €278,21 €
    Order193763MAXQDA Analytics Pro Business (3 Year Subscription) (ESD)Subscription1 292,31 €1 602,46 €
    Order193764MAXQDA Analytics Pro Business (3 Year Subscription) 3-4 Users (Price per User) (ESD)Subscription1 163,08 €1 442,22 €
    Order193765MAXQDA Analytics Pro Business (5 Year Subscription) (ESD)Subscription1 884,62 €2 336,93 €
    Order193766MAXQDA Analytics Pro Business (5 Year Subscription) 3-4 Users (Price per User) (ESD)Subscription1 696,15 €2 103,23 €
    Order193754MAXQDA Business (Annual Subscription) (ESD)Subscription448,72 €556,41 €
    Order193755MAXQDA Business (Annual Subscription) 3-4 Users (Price per User) (ESD)Subscription403,85 €500,77 €
    Order193769MAXQDA Non-Profit (3 Year Subscription) (ESD)Subscription581,54 €721,11 €
    Order193770MAXQDA Non-Profit (3 Year Subscription) 3-4 Users (Price per User) (ESD)Subscription523,38 €648,99 €
    Order193756MAXQDA Non-Profit (Annual Subscription) (ESD)Subscription242,31 €300,46 €
    Order193757MAXQDA Non-Profit (Annual Subscription) 3-4 Users (Price per User) (ESD)Subscription218,08 €270,42 €
    Order15388MAXQDA Standard Single-User Analytics Pro Government/Non-Profit EN (ESD)License287,18 €356,10 €
    Order15389MAXQDA Standard Single-User License Business EN (ESD)License448,72 €556,41 €
    Order36089MAXQDA Standard Single-User Subscription Government/Non-Profit EN (ESD)License242,31 €300,46 €

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