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Corel WordPerfect Office 2021

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WordPerfect Office Standard 2021 introduces the latest version of the office suite supporting your everyday work needs - from crafting documents and presentations, to creating impressive spreadsheets! Publish your eBook, edit a PDF, import or export files in 60+ different formats, and more, all with this user-friendly suite. Whether you’re new to WordPerfect or you’ve been instrumental in shaping our enhancements through critical feedback, we’ve made it simpler and more intuitive to discover the tools you need to surpass expectations - including your own.

Depend on the trusted power of WordPerfect Office Professional 2021 to create and deliver impressive documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more. With built-in PDF functionality, Reveal Codes, eBook publishing, and the Paradox database management system, you’ll find all the familiar tools you need to work more efficiently. Document management is made simple with support for more than 60 files types, including the latest Microsoft Office formats. The tools in this release have been specifically designed to streamline your most important workflow requirements. Whatever type of business you are in - legal, government, or enterprise - WordPerfect delivers the compatibility, power, and affordability you need to be successful in every professional environment.

Order Item no Name Type Price excl. VAT Price incl. VAT 24%
Order25297WordPerfect Office 2021 EN (1-60, Price per License) EducationLicense48,13 €59,68 €
Order31392WordPerfect Office 2021 Professional EN Win License (ESD)License380,54 €471,87 €
Order31393WordPerfect Office 2021 Professional EN Win License Upgrade (ESD)License upgrade221,00 €274,04 €
Order31390WordPerfect Office 2021 Standard EN Win License (ESD)License265,46 €329,17 €
Order31391WordPerfect Office 2021 Standard EN Win License Upgrade (ESD)License upgrade132,08 €163,78 €

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