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UN Group: UN-43233200 - Security and protection software

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EasyRecovery products help you recover, repair, and restore your valuable data. The loss or corruption of critical data can have staggering financial, legal, and productivity ramifications on businesses and home users alike. Important documents are often difficult or even impossible to re-create. With EasyRecovery do-it-your-self software you can get your data back quickly and easily - saving you time, money, and resources. Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional is the complete solution for your data recovery needs. The Professional editing includes the capabilities of EasyRecovery DataRecovery, EasyRecovery FileRepair and EasyRecovery EmailRepair products.

Order Item no Name Type Price excl. VAT Price incl. VAT 24%
Order183874Ontrack EasyRecovery HOME iPhone Annual License 12 Month (ESD)License59,00 €73,16 €
Order183873Ontrack EasyRecovery HOME MAC Annual License 12 Month (ESD)License79,80 €98,95 €
Order183872Ontrack EasyRecovery HOME Win Annual License 12 Month (ESD)License71,80 €89,03 €
Order183876Ontrack EasyRecovery PROFESSIONAL MAC Annual License 12 Month (ESD)License152,40 €188,98 €
Order183875Ontrack EasyRecovery PROFESSIONAL Win Annual License 12 Month (ESD)License136,30 €169,01 €
Order183879Ontrack EasyRecovery TECHNICIAN iPhone Annual License 12 Month (ESD)License299,00 €370,76 €
Order183878Ontrack EasyRecovery TECHNICIAN MAC Annual License 12 Month (ESD)License402,40 €498,98 €
Order183877Ontrack EasyRecovery TECHNICIAN Win Annual License 12 Month (ESD)License402,40 €498,98 €

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