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The Swiss Army knife of computer forensic solutions

EnCase is the industry standard tool for uncovering, analyzing and presenting forensic data. Used by investigators in law enforcement, government, small businesses, consulting firms and corporations, EnCase provides a robust way to authenticate, search and recover computer evidence rapidly and thoroughly. The first and most important step in the computer forensic process is the acquisition of the digital media and preserving its evidentiary value.

Computer evidence recovered with EnCase has been admitted into thousands of court proceedings in several countries and jurisdictions, and the EnCase software has been validated by the courts in several published decisions.

Guidance Software ensures that EnCase Forensic continues to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Using feedback from government, law enforcement and corporate investigators, we've enhanced nearly every component of EnCase Forensic. The result is an even more powerful tool that speeds up data acquisition and analysis to better support the rigors of criminal investigations and prosecutions.

EnCase Forensic with mobile acquisition capabilities has been launched. This powerful new functionality supports over 25 device types including smartphones, tablets and GPS devices, providing investigators all the flexibility they need to conduct their day-to-day investigations.

Alongside this new launch, we are also bringing to market a new tool to couple with EnCase Forensic, EnCase Mobile Investigator. This tool allows users to intuitively review mobile data and conduct a full analysis on it, including search, bookmarking, and reporting.

EnCase Mobile Investigator augments the mobile acquisition capabilities of EnCase Forensic with the ability to intuitively view, analyze, and report on critical mobile evidence that is relevant to their case. With mobile-first workflows, in-depth evidence analysis, and flexible report generation, investigators can feel confident in their results.

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Order176550EnCase Forensic 8, For Consultants 1Year Term (ESD)Subscription3 115,26 €3 862,92 €
Order141630EnCase Portable (USB)Full198,38 €245,99 €

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