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UN Group: UN-43233415 - Backup or archival software

Arcserve ARCserve Backup 9.x

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CA ARCserve Backup delivers the most comprehensive data protection available today. It provides centralized control and advanced features designed to address your changing business needs. This high performance solution combines innovative "D2D2T" (disk-to-disk-to tape) backup with powerful, integrated anti-virus and encryption tools, making it one of the most secure "out-of-the-box" backup solutions offered. New features in this release ease management, improve security, reporting and performance. The benefits of these features provide organizations with greater control, higher operational efficiency, improved protection and overall cost savings. It is a solution that delivers reliable "enterprise-class" data protection for a wide range of operating environments.

Built around tightly integrated and enhanced products, Arcserve is designed to better align storage spending with business value a critical objective for organizations as storage volume continues to grow faster than storage budgets. The new version helps customers optimize the efficiency of storage operations and reduce the total cost of ownership through streamlined virtual tape automation and simplified administration of storage assets. Including: Data De-duplication, Virtual server backup/restore and improved RPO/RTO and SRM reporting now included in the CA ARCserve Dashboard.

Available as:

  • Commercial license
  • Workstation license
  • Academic license
  • Goverment license
  • Volume license

  • OS support:

  • 64-bit
  • Cloud Optional
  • Linux
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022
  • Win32
  • Win64
  • Media available:

  • ESD

  • Order Item no Name Type Price excl. VAT Price incl. VAT 24%
    Order190649Arcserve Backup 19.0 Agent for Open Files on Windows-CUpgrade plus 1Y Enterprise MaintLicense upgrade784,53 €972,82 €
    Order190653Arcserve Backup 19.0 Agent for Open Files on Windows-Product plus 1Y Enterprise Maint GOVLicense964,13 €1 195,52 €
    Order190657Arcserve Backup 19.0 Application Module-CUpgrade plus 1Y Enterprise MaintLicense upgrade1 788,63 €2 217,90 €
    Order190661Arcserve Backup 19.0 Application Module-Product plus 1Y Enterprise Maint GOVLicense1 934,32 €2 398,56 €
    Order190665Arcserve Backup 19.0 Central Management Option-CUpgrade plus 1Y Enterprise MaintLicense upgrade1 475,31 €1 829,38 €
    Order190669Arcserve Backup 19.0 Central Management Option-Product plus 1Y Enterprise Maint GOVLicense1 813,05 €2 248,18 €
    Order190673Arcserve Backup 19.0 Client Agent for Exchange-CUpgrade plus 1Y Enterprise MaintLicense upgrade981,90 €1 217,56 €
    Order190677Arcserve Backup 19.0 Client Agent for Exchange-Product plus 1Y Enterprise Maint GOVLicense1 206,69 €1 496,30 €
    Order190681Arcserve Backup 19.0 Client Agent for Linux-CUpgrade plus 1Y Enterprise MaintLicense upgrade389,81 €483,36 €
    Order190685Arcserve Backup 19.0 Client Agent for Linux-Product plus 1Y Enterprise Maint GOVLicense479,05 €594,02 €
    Order190689Arcserve Backup 19.0 Client Agent for Mac OS X-CUpgrade plus 1Y Enterprise MaintLicense upgrade389,81 €483,36 €
    Order190701Arcserve Backup 19.0 Client Agent for Windows-Product plus 1Y Enterprise Maint GOVLicense479,05 €594,02 €
    Order190710Arcserve Backup 19.0 Database Module-Product plus 1Y Enterprise MaintLicense1 740,84 €2 158,64 €
    Order190726Arcserve Backup 19.0 File Server Module-Product plus 1Y Enterprise MaintLicense1 567,15 €1 943,27 €
    Order190797Arcserve Backup 19.0 for Windows-Product plus 1Y Enterprise MaintLicense1 074,16 €1 331,96 €
    Order190782Arcserve Backup 19.0 for Windows Tape Library Option-Product plus 1Y Enterprise MaintLicense1 379,05 €1 710,02 €

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