FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Moonsoft, orders, payments and shipping

Products Returns/order cancelation (EU based rights for products returns)

Not all software licenses can be returned (EU article 16), as licenses have limited return rights. This is due customized licenses. Before any returns or order cancelation please contact Moonsoft Sales team as software that has been registered, personalized, activated to end user, seal broken or those which can’t be returned to manufacture or resold. Private person needs to fill Cancelation form WITHIN 14 days’ time period from products shipment. WE strongly recommend looking products trial/evaluations programs before any license orders. When you have filled Cancelation form within 14 days’ time limit and you have returned products to Moonsoft we will return your payments. Due potential products decreased value that might not be same amount. This will be informed before any payments.

Some license terms and meanings

We have collected some license terms and meanings in one page: acronyms