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UN Group: UN-43232407 - Requirements analysis and system architecture software

Micro Focus Caliber 11.4

Caliber (formerly Borland Caliber) is a complete requirements solution which ensures compliance and alignment of development to your business needs. Caliber facilitates stakeholder collaboration, rich visualization, robust management, and traceability of requirements to Agile delivery plans. Deliver software with greater precision, less re-work, shorter release cycles, compliance with internal and external regulations, and improved customer satisfaction.

Caliber helps companies establish and maintain optimal processes for the definition, analysis, and management of software requirements. It is open to the widest range of stakeholders and responsive to the organizations unique development processes and workflows. Designed to facilitate collaboration, impact analysis, and communication of changing requirements, Caliber helps teams improve productivity and product quality and dramatically reduce the risk of project failure. Caliber supports distributed organizations and helps teams manage both the expectations and scope of projects for initiatives large and small.

the effective definition and management of requirements is an essential element of software delivery optimization. Caliber automates the management of requirements, and facilitates requirement definition, prioritization of tasks, project updates, the streamlining of communication, and the management of project scope. Known for its ease of use, Caliber powers requirements management for a range of projects, delivering a true competitive advantage to organizations in many vertical markets.

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